lunedì 6 luglio 2015

Heritage (2014)

WOMEN AS MIRROR OF THEIR OWN CULTURE Two beautiful women reflect their own traditions... they have different make up and hair style, but they share the pride and dignity expressed through the way they dress and embrace their cultural roots. Each one lacks of the knowledge about the wonderful richness of the other in terms of culture and tradition.On the other hand, in this poster I put them togheter in order to represent a safe and pure concept of globalization, interpreted as a concept of cultural sharing.
The keyword related ro this poster is "authenticity"..
the declaration of Nara (1994) tells us that the concept of "cultural heritage" as well as the concept of "preservation"can be interpreted differently depending on the context. Authenticity does not reside only in buildings but also in objects and social traditions.
The two women here would  represent the authenticity of their culture, and the possibility as mother to pass down such cultural knowledge to their sons and daughters, which will bring the mankind toward a more united and lighten up future, with a look-back to the past of its fathers.

THE "DAVID" OF MICHELANGELO AS GLOBALIZATION In the second poster, the central figure is the "David" of Michelangelo...The background of the figure is separated, but, to say better, united, in two different "wefts" related to the japanese (left side) and the african(right side) cultures...The "David" shows empty spaces filled by the other cultures..This leads to a global plot which represents union, share and exchange. These concepts are, or should be, the basis of a pure and safe concept of globalization.

The declaration of Nara (1994) states that the concept of authenticity does not reside only in buildings,places and monuments, but also in objects and social traditions.In this poster I tried to represent the union of objects (the "David") and cultural traditions (the japanese and african wefts).

CHILDREN AS HERITAGE In the poster we see two kids from two different ethnicities linked by just one thing: the smile!!Through that smile I wanted to symbolize the concept of globalization.. Children are heritage because they will preserve and pass down oral tradition and culture, values and hamdicraft..this preservation and a right valorization of our own authenticity will "light up" the mankind through our children.For this reason it is crucial to teach to our sons and daughters how much important is to save and preserve the cultural and social heritage of our fathers.The keyword hidden in the poster is "authenticity". The Nara declaration teaches us that the concept of "cultural heritage" and "preservation" have different interpretations depending on the context,  and "authenticity"  is highly related to the two concept above. In this framework, the "authenticity" of a culture is not only expressed in buildings, but also in objects and social traditions. Giving such a heritage to our chuldren, we ensure a safe evolution and grow to the entire mankind.

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